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Media Literacy

What is media literacy and why does it matter? We are living in relationship with media. So what does that mean? Let me tell you…


Transformation: The Woman I Want To Be

I’ve started over more times than I ever thought I would or could. Somewhere along the way I learned to embrace the rattling of it all.


My Life Cleanse

In 2014, I gave away and walked away from everything. Turns out that this purge into a minimalist life set me up for a heated confrontation with a faith I’d never before trusted.


Public Allies National Leadership Institute • NEW ORLEANS, LA  

WRRD Resistance Radio: The Earl Ingram Show • MILWAUKEE, WI  

Parsons School of Design • NEW YORK, NY  

Facets: Building Community in a Fragmented Digital Age • CHICAGO, IL  

Jane Addams Resource Center • CHICAGO, IL  

You Turns Podcast • NEW YORK, NY  

A Louder Narrative: A Vision of Optimism in a Divided Citizenry • CHICAGO, IL  

Northwestern University Film & Television Industry Connect • EVANSTON, IL  

Women Crushing It • CHICAGO, IL  

The Morning Blend WTMJ • MILWAUKEE, WI

The Creative Muscle Podcast • CHICAGO, IL  

The CineCares Foundation • CHICAGO, IL  

Dads for Media Literacy • RACINE, WI  

Free Spirit Media Industry Pathways • CHICAGO, IL  

Midwest Independent Film Festival • CHICAGO, IL  

Women in Media | Penedo Charitable Organization • CHICAGO, IL  

Chicago Literacy Alliance • CHICAGO, IL  

True Star Foundation Board Pitch Workshop • CHICAGO, IL  

Moms for Media Literacy • CHICAGO, IL  

Teen Media Literacy Conference • CHARLOTTE, NC  

Naturally Savvy Radio • TORONTO, ON CAN  

Queen, It’s a New Day • SEATTLE, WA  

Calgary Women’s Show • ALBERTA, CAN  

West Coast Women’s Show • VANCOUVER, BC CAN  

PAUSE: National Women and Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day • CHICAGO, IL  

Navigating the Digital Literacy Challenge for Girls • CHICAGO, IL  

Race and the Media |Sheboygan Press • SHEBOYGAN, WI

How New Media is Transforming Old Media • MILWAUKEE, WI  

How to Get Publicity • UNIVERSAL CITY, CA  

Ask the Producers: National Radio + TV Media for Book Authors • NEW YORK, NY